Solo(cb) Plan: A Solution that Just Works

Who is a candidate for a Solo(cb)?

There are two key requirements: business type and income.

Eligible business:

  • An unincorporated business that employs only the business owner and spouse
  • A partnership that employs only partners or partners and their spouses
  • Corporations (or an LLC taxed as a corporation) that employs only shareholders and their spouses

A word on non-owner employees: if a business has non-owner employees but none of them have ever worked 1,000 hours in a 12-month period starting with their date of employment, this business may establish a Solo(cb).


  • An individual needs to have income from self-employment
  • Income should be substantial and recurring


What is a Solo(cb)?

When does it make sense?

How does it compare to others?

Why a Solo(cb)?

What are typical occupations?

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