Solo(cb) Plan: A Solution that Just Works

Why a Solo(cb)?

Cash Balance plans, while very complex by design, are very ‘user-friendly; they just work:

 They are easy to use in planning:

  • Financial advisors: tax planning, risk management, and transition planning
  • Accountants: deduction planning and impact on tax liability

They are easy to understand and value:

  • Clients have clear and understandable funding targets
  • Businesses with more than one owner are able to custom-craft their contribution levels
  • Clients are able to understand with clarity their account value: what you see is what you get

They are easy to operate:

  • Put money in
  • Pay account value out
  • No surprises or confusion when paid out of the plan

Income tax and an early withdrawal penalty may apply for individuals under age 59 ½ at the time of distribution. Individual results will vary based on plan design, census data, earnings history, actuarial calculations, and governing regulations. Because Solo(cb) is a type of a defined benefit plan, minimum funding rules apply. Failure to meet minimum funding requirements leads to excise tax until funding requirements are met.

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